Do You Need New Ductwork in Knoxville, TN?

Your ductwork offers an avenue for the heated or cooled air from your HVAC syste to get into your house. Any damage to this critical HVAC component affects your comfort and the system’s efficiency. Read on for some signs that you need to replace your ductwork in Knoxville, TN.

Unusual Noises

HVAC systems make a little noise when operating, but they should be relatively quiet; you’ll likely hear a gentle humming along with the sound of air moving through your ductwork. If you hear something unusual, that’s a sign of trouble.

Damaged ductwork may produce rattling or whistling noises. Rattling noises occur when loose materials vibrate, while whistling sounds occur when air escapes through tiny openings in your ductwork.

Increased Energy Bills

If you have damaged ducts, it can impact the efficiency of your air conditioner or heater. For example, holes in your ductwork, along with gaps in the sealant, let conditioned air out before it can reach your living spaces. In turn, your thermostat will signal the system to continue working, leading to higher energy bills.

Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

An optimally functioning HVAC system distributes the cooled or heated air evenly in your home. If you notice uneven temperature distribution in your house, your ductwork could be leaking.

Holes in your ducts potentially increase your energy bills. Also, because the air struggles to reach your living spaces if there are punctures, your home may never reach the right temperature.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Openings in your ductwork can allow dust and debris to enter your house. These pollutants may lead to symptoms of poor indoor air quality, such as headaches, sneezing, fatigue, watery eyes and a runny nose.

Before you conclude that your ducts are faulty, contact us at Pol’s Heating and Cooling, LLC for professional ductwork services. Our service technicians will inspect your system carefully for a more accurate diagnosis.

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