4 Causes of Your Home’s Insufficient Airflow In Rutledge, TN

Improper airflow affects indoor air quality and leads to inefficiency in your home in Rutledge, TN. Identifying the causes of poor airflow is important in solving the issues.

Clogged or Dirty Air Filters

Filters are essential in trapping dust, dirt and debris. As a result, they prevent particles from entering the air supply in your space. However, these particles accumulate on their surfaces over time, forming clogs that reduce airflow. To prevent this from happening, inspect and change the filters regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Obstructed Condenser

You normally place the HVAC condenser on the outside. Dust and other weather elements, such as snow, may build up on its surface, hindering its effectiveness. Consider cleaning the outside of it regularly to maximize airflow. Also, remove the garbage, trees and leaves surrounding its base because they cause blockage, reducing air circulation. Professional servicing the inside of it also ensures this component is working appropriately.

Ductwork Problems

Ductwork is the medium that transports air from the HVAC unit to your living spaces. At times, it can get damaged, leading to air leakage before it reaches your home, consequently minimizing airflow.

Poor installation of the ductwork also leads to diminished airflow. For instance, if the air has to travel for a longer distance than it should, then it means your space won’t get enough air as it should. Always hire experts during installation to ensure excellent work.

Blocked Vents

This is a common cause of diminished air circulation in your home. It’s very easy to solve without even calling a professional. If you experience poor airflow, check the vents and registers to see if they’re open.

Consider removing furniture and other items that might block the vents. It would be best to place them a few feet away to enhance air circulation around them.

Are you experiencing diminished air circulation? Worry no more because our team of experts has the relevant knowledge and experience to enhance your indoor comfort. Contact Pol’s Heating and Cooling, LLC for HVAC repair and maintenance services in Rutledge, TN, and the surrounding areas.

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