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Schedule heat pump repair services in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas

Does your heat pump keep turning on and off? Is it making a loud noise? If so, it may be malfunctioning.

Thankfully, you can get heat pump repair services when you work with Pol's Heating and Cooling, LLC in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas. You can also get a new installation if your current heat pump is nearing the end of its life span. Contact us right away for our heat pump repair services.

heat pump repair services knoxville tn

How do heat pumps work?

If you're thinking about getting a heat pump installation, you may be wondering how they work. Well, heat pumps can:

  • Cool your home - Your heat pump will extract heat from the inside of your home and expel it outside.
  • Heat your home - Your heat pump will absorb heat from outside, even in the winter, and bring it inside.
Want to learn more about heat pumps and the heat pump installation process? Get in touch with our team today to get a free estimate.